The East Bay's Best Head Shop since 1969 ANNAPURNA of Berkeley -Our 49th year on Telegraph Ave. "The Best Head Shop in Berkeley" Vaporizers: best selection Price
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Coolest selection  of Affordable  Gifts!
We have the best selection of vaporizers-  With over 1​7 years of feedback we know the models and brands that work, are well made,and that we can recommend. 
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2416 Telegraph Ave Berkeley
Pax 2 & 3 
Firefly 2
Lift by Flytlab
Exus Mini
Loki Touch
Wolf  LX
Da Vinci Ascent
Arizer solo
...and more. 

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Best Place to buy smoking Accessories-
East Bay Express-July 2015 Readers Vote
The Original
Since 1969
 Annapurna has been selling smoking and alternative merchandise for almost 50 years. We specialize in vaporizers. Our staff will help you make the right vape choice at the right price. 
We also have e-liquids, mods and e-cigs.
We offer a full range of body cleansing products such as Ready Clean, Magnum, High Voltage and Rescue. Smoking accessories such as glass pipes, dab set ups, and grinders including the Santa Cruz Shredder, Phoenician and Sharpstone. 
Gifts ranging from tapestries, buddhas, dream catchers, magnets, pins, stickers, wind chimes, bells fill our shop. 
We carry edgy Vash greeting cards and a huge incense collection including Nag Champa, Super Hit, Morning Star, Gonesh, Escential Essences, and WildBerry. 
We also have erotic products such as the Kama Sutra line of body oils, sex toys and fun bondage items . 

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